Hong Kong Shue Yan University Research Complex 2017

Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) is expanding its facilities in the vicinity for establishing a series of Research Institutes including research studies related to Enterprise and Social Development, Language Learning, Chinese Culture, Techno Science Culture, Social Services, Qualitative Social Research and other joint research activities with overseas and mainland universities.  Shue Yan commits to ensure that such academic programmes would elevate the academic standing of the University and provide more opportunities of higher research education for the best interests of Hong Kong community at large.

The subject site is the most suitable and unique site for the development, due to its neighbouring to the main campus and HKSYU can thus pursue a higher quality education in line with international standards for tertiary education by enhancing the exiting educational facilities and providing a more efficient and comprehensive learning environmnet for students.

The proposed development forms a continuous campus with adjoining HKSYU buildings of different functions, including the Library and Computer Research Centre with conference facilities, Main Campus with education and administration core, Hostel and Amenities Complex with sports and recreational facilities, which, altogether can provide for various needs and integrated developments of students.




night view 08

Environmental Studies


樹仁大學 095

1F Canteen



樹仁大學 073



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