Filial Park Taoist Temple and Columbarium at Tuen Mun 2013

The Taoist Temple and Columbarium Development, named Filial Park, is located on Yeung Tsing Road in Tuen Mun. The main building adopted a traditional Chinese Taoist style design, punctuated by red columns, relief stones and pitched roofs. The building consists of four storeys with three-storeys of columbarium halls, a memorial hall and a temple.

Ample landscaped areas are provided to the frontage and sides of the building, designed in harmony with the traditional Taoist temple.

The main entrance of the complex is demarcated by a Chinese style ‘Pai Fong’ (monumental gateway) encrypted with Chinese calligraphy written by a renowned Taoist leader of China. The main temple is located on the 3/F approached from a grand staircase leading from the ‘Ming Tong’ (frontage open space) after entering through the ‘Pai Fong’ (monumental gateway). The temple is about 776 s.m. with triple headroom to house 3 ‘Taoist Gods’ for worshipping and conduction of ceremonies.




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